Alison Freeman, Ph.D.,
Ca Lic: PSY 10597
(310) 712-1200


In today’s world of technology, you have more options than ever before. You can choose several therapy options depending on your style of personal preference. You can choose to come to see me in my office, write to me via e-mail therapy and/or videotherapy via a video relay service. Each one is strictly confidential. The primary difference is how it is done, whether it is done through writing via email therapy or signing through webcam therapy. You might find it easier to express feelings openly from the comfort of your own home or office. The choice is yours, depending on your personal preference.

In-office Therapy
Face to face therapy is available at my office in West Los Angeles.  In addition to my expertise in deafness, I also work with victims of trauma and/or crime using EMDR. This is an option only available in my office as it requires face to face contact.

Adults who are unable to come to the office can still participate in therapy via video-therapy using a video relay service. This option is best suited for people who live too far away, are homebound or parents with newborns and children. This videotherapy option uses web cameras and allows you and I to communicate in real time. Videotherapy requires special equipment through a video company i.e. Sorensen Communications, namely a high speed internet/DSL connection and a videocamera. For deaf and hard of hearing people, this equipment is free through Sorensen Communication Services.

Telephone Therapy**
The CAP-TEL telephone has both captioning and voice capabilities. CAP-TEL is free and available through your State Communication Access Programs . This is particularly useful for hard-of hearing people however there is a slight lag time between what you say and the captions. Therapy is also available via tty/tdds which are also available through State Communication Access Programs.

** This online therapy site is not for individuals who are experiencing a crisis. Please contact your local emergency number, call 911 or a crisis center in an emergency.